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MedOffice medical billing software allows you to export files to be used for further analysis with applications like Excel, Access, MS Word or another practice management program. The files are stored as "Comma Separated Values or CSV" data files. You can export the following data files:

  • Patient files
  • Insurance files
  • Guarantor list
  • 3rd party addresses (such as lawyers, executors, etc.)
  • Billing/Payment codes
  • Diagnosis codes
  • Procedure codes
  • Patient email addresses
  • Transactions
  • Patient Notes can also be exported to text or PDF files

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Data-Import from CSV Files
Now you can easily import patient and insurance files from other medical practice management software that allow export of such data. MedOffice can also convert all data from the widely-user MediSoft (ver. 9 or older) & Lytec (ver. 2004 or older).

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