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MedOffice puts HIPAA compliance at your fingertips.
HIPAA compliance is no longer a choice. As a result, MedOffice comprehensive medical billing software incorporates all the critical HIPAA-related requirements:

• Application Log Off Timer
• Multi-Layer Password Security
• HIPAA Reports for Employees and Patients
• Audit Trail Analysis
• Medical Record Transfer Request Log

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We have also included many critical HIPAA forms ready to use, so you can produce HIPAA-related documents for patients on demand. These HIPAA reports are dynamic in that they pull any outside information from your patient database. You can produce forms for one or several patients at a time.

Application Security & User Management:

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To ensure the security and privacy of your patient and practice data, MedOffice medical billing software gives you full control over the level of access each user is authorized to have. You can limit each of your staff's ability to see screens or change data on a person-by-person basis.

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