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Save time & money by creating your own superbills for each provider in your practice.

Our vision of assisting medical providers to the fullest extent possible with our medical billing software led us to create a useful superbill generator. This module lets you design your own superbills quickly and painlessly. You can begin with one of our preformatted standard designs -- or you can custom design your own. We give you full control over the column arrangements, titles, headers and footers, procedure and diagnosis codes, and other superbill elements. Superbills can be printed individually or in batch for all scheduled appointments. The header includes all necessary patient and practice information. The footer includes areas for pricing and notes.

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What's more, each provider in your office can have a different superbill - or several with this comprehensive medical billing software. Printing superbills can be tied to each provider in a multi-specialty setup, so there's never any confusion! Exceptions can also be handled, as a different superbill can be assigned to a patient at the time of making the appointment!

This module may be a small benefit of MedOffice, but it reflects the commitment we have to providing you with the best- designed medical practice management software available. Contact us for a quote on medical billing software.

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